21+ Free Salary Certificate Templates

Salary certificate template is a document to prepare salary certificates easily using a ready made format instead of making from scratch. It not only saves precious time but also allows the user to make documents in professional format. As we know that certificate is a document issued by authorities or concerned business entity to certify some facts, conditions or information, a salary certificate is prepared and issued by employer or company to officially state salary break up of an employee or worker. It is usually prepared and issued in response of a formal request made by employee.

importance of salary certificate templates

This certificate could be an important and useful document when a salaried employee or worker wants to get some financial assistance or loan from bank or financial institution. Money lenders and banks use this document as a basic assessment of an employee’s repayment capacity before finalizing a loan agreement or deal. Salary certificate is bit different from salary slip or salary letter because it is generally issued after a formal request. Contents of the certificate may include name of the employee or worker, name and address of the employer or company, employee code, employee’s total earnings during the month or year, total deductions made by employer, break up of deductions and a summary of net salary received.

Salary certificate always has a significant place in the list of documents required for processing loan application for salaries employees and it must be formatted on company letterhead along with required details and info. The certificate must be signed by authorities to make sure that all information and details included are true. Salary certificate template has highly customizable elements that enable a user to add own details calmly in order to give the certificate a professional and appropriate appearance.

Downloadable Salary Certificate Templates And Formats

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Image Examples of Salary Certificate Templates

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Sample of Salary Certificate Letter
Sample of Salary Certificate Letter