8+ Free Affidavit Form Templates

A formal written statement from an individual which is on oath to be true that can be used to provide evidence in court of law is usually named as affidavit. Affidavit form template is a handy tool to make affidavits easily with all required info and details. You can download free affidavit form templates ate this page. Simply we can say that it is a written pledge that what the writer is saying is the truth. For example, as a party of the court case if you need to present a written statement of facts for the case from someone with personal knowledge, then an affidavit will be really useful document for you to do so. Affidavit form is a formal written statement setting out the facts of your case in the court. It provides you the main way in which you present evidence to the court.

Significance of affidavit form templates:

Information included in the affidavit reflects the personal knowledge of the individual making the statement. It is one of the important legal documents and anyone can make an affidavit so long as they have the mental capability to understand the significance of the promise or pledge. Anyone can prepare this legal document but certain piece of information must be there in order to make it valid.

Legal representatives and lawyers offer their services to prepare spotless affidavit forms even you can also prepare it yourself. Affidavit form templates are accessible on web that anyone can utilize for this purpose. As the person who is making this legal document, you should add all essential and true info in it because judge usually relies on affidavits to make important decisions and there are strict instructions about how they should be written. Always keep in mind that it should be typed or printed clearly on only one side of the page.

Downloadable Affidavit Form Templates: