Mailing Label Template

Below provided mailing label template will surly help you to get rid of writing addresses on mails, packages and containers manually. It is wholly produced in MS word and all elements of the template are editable which means a user can simply add own details and info to give it a desired appearance. It sounds like handy tool to make and print mailing labels yourself either for business or personal use. With help of the template a user can give labels a personalized appearance by adding favorite font style, colors and company logo etc.

Benefits of mailing label template

Mailing label is a small printed paper bearing address of the recipient as well as sender’s information and usually adhesive on the back of mail, shipment or envelop. These labels are widely used for business purposes but when it comes to send personal correspondences to family members and friends in bulk, one can use mailing labels to put details about addressee and sender’s contact on mails or invitations to save time as well as to send them in a unique and creative way. Most of people also prepare attractive labels to paste on invitation letters or cards.

Mailing label making is not a big deal in this current age of life because large number of designing and word processing software is accessible on web that anyone can use for this purpose event MS word is a features computer program that lets its users to create these labels easily on personal computer. A free mailing label template is also added here on this page which is loaded with alterable fields. Blank fields of the template lets a user to insert details such as name of the company, logo, contact details and necessary details about the recipient such as name, mailing address and other contact details.

Downloadable Mailing Label Templates And Formats

mailing label template 641 download

mailing label template 264 download

mailing label template 3641 download

mailing label template 4941 download

mailing label template 541 download

mailing label template 1641 download

mailing label template 7641 download

More Examples Of Mailing Label Template

mailing label sample 19641 clip

mailing label sample 2641


mailing label sample 3641 clip

mailing label sample 4941 clip

mailing label sample 5941 clip

mailing label sample 6941 clip

mailing label sample 741 clip

mailing label sample 8941 clip

mailing label sample 941 clip

mailing label sample 10.461 clip

mailing label sample 11.4 clip

mailing label sample 12.41 clip

mailing label sample 13.41 clip

mailing label sample 14.41 clip

mailing label sample 15.461 clip

mailing label sample 16.41 clip